WB Jones Stairs

Our company originated from a small family concern into a high volume manufacturing company. We have carried our family values forward into this larger environment. Our turnover of staff is very low for the building industry and we regard our employees as our greatest asset . Our staff training is fundamental in our development. We feel that an individual’s achievement or success is for the greater good of the company.


For over forty years we have been meeting the staircase needs of project builders, owner builders and architects by offering “quality staircases – on time- at a fair price ” . Our production capacity is amongst the largest and best in Australia and is able to meet the scheduling program of all our clients.


We at W.B. Jones Stairs Pty Ltd manufacture and install high quality timber staircases and balustrades using time honoured and accepted construction techniques. We offer a huge variety of balustrades including powder coated metal and stainless steel. We also supply and install galvanized steel or aluminum external balcony balustrades.


“For over forty years we have been meeting the staircase needs of project builders”


A large part of our work is for project home builders. These builders all have a portfolio of standard designs from which many staircases are made. This is a cost efficient system because it is “high volume” and the client knows exactly what their staircase looks like before they have it installed.


We also enjoy the challenge of the one-off individually designed staircase. We provide the attention to detail that is needed when designing and setting out your special job.


We can supply a stair to meet the Builder’s budget and schedule without sacrificing quality. For a Builder, time is money and he needs a quality job- on time-at a fair price.


He doesn’t want the stair to become a maintainence nightmare because of poor construction or corners being cut. If a problem does arise, he wants to know that the staircase maker will be there to honour the warranty.


From the design of the stair through to installation we will use our experience and expertise to give our client the staircase they desire. We are always available to help the Owner Builder through the staircase process.